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About Us

“A little imagination and creativity”

Our history began over 35 years ago when the first glass bottom boat was built for the company by its founder and owner, Jeffrey Stickler. Made of all steel, this 26-passenger vessel was built very quickly to provide service for the visitors who came to Catalina Island to view its beautiful underwater gardens.

This vessel was quickly followed by another one designed for 28 passengers. Buses were added to provide personally narrated land trips for visiting cruise ship passengers. The buses were carefully selected to provide comfortable trips into the interior with air-conditioning and friendly guides.

“A little renovation and design”

To improve the existing glass bottom boat trips, a bigger glass bottom boat was constructed with fish feeding capabilities from every viewing well so the passengers could feed the fish themselves right from their seats. Following the delivery of this vessel, a semi-submersible vessel was being designed to improve the performance and delivery of the current vessel in the market at the time.

Island Enterprises Inc. | Present

“A little more imagination and creativity.” In 1999, the Nautilus was introduced and delivered to the awaiting public and was met with great anticipation and great reviews. This vessel is the first and has incorporated many firsts within its design. It is the first semi-submersible of its kind to be made of a high composite fiberglass material which is favorable among operators and can be easily maintained.

The extra large flat screen is used in place of the standard monitor for showing its program underway. Fish feeders (torpedoes) were designed so that passengers can feed the fish from each of their seats for an additional onboard fee. No aquarium tour will ever give you these views of sea life in their natural marine environment!

Island Enterprises Inc. | Future

“We not only think outside the box, we create new ones too!” There is much more in the planning stages for these companies by their crew. The mysteries of life on land and in the sea are full of surprises and excitement that we will continue to share with the rest of the world.


On Film

Work performed on the following productions: Jaws, The Poseidon, The Last Voyage of the Valhalla, MacArthur, Fire Fox, The Parent Trap, Grey Lady Down, Murder She Wrote, The Love Boat Series, Various Music Videos, Fear factor, Travel Channel