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Catalina Adventure Tours

Catalina Island Tours in Avalon, CA

Catalina Adventure Tours is the premier tour company on Catalina Island.

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Catalina Adventure Tours is happy to welcome you back to Catalina Island. To contact us please call (562) 432-8828 or email during normal business hours. We thank you for choosing Catalina Adventure Tours and look forward to your visit to Catalina Island.

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Catalina Adventure Tours is the premier tour company on Catalina Island. Our tours include the semi-submersible submarine, glass bottom boat, safari island adventure, coastal eco-cruise, and the inside adventure tour.

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My husband and I took my brother's family on the safari ride to see the bisons and had 5 sightings. We then took the kids on the nautilus submarine ride to see the fish and the kids had a blast. It was an awesome New Year weekend stay at the Catalina thanks to Catalina Adventure Tours.

– Pauline B. · Facebook

What a great time. I had not been there since I was a kid. This is one of the most peaceful places I have ever been. It's not a place you go if your looking to go clubbing and getting Rowdey. It's a place you go when you and the wife need some quality time.. we loved it and we had a blast. I'm a fan of tranquility so this was perfect. I'm ready to do it all over again. Can't wait till next time!!

– Michael Chatterton · Google

Easy booking process. Getting on and off the boat was super easy. Loved every minute on the island. Thank you.

– Steph & Chris Guerrero · Google

This was a wonderful fun Excursion. You actually go down where the fishes are. Everyone gets their own porthole and as you go down there is very dramatic lights that go on. It really feels like you're going down deep. You're able to see lots of underwater plant life where the fish are living. We saw a lots of colorful fish, eels lots of other fish that the staff was able to identify. At each porthole there are food cannons. For a reasonable price you can shoot food out of the side of the boat underwater and then the circle of vision is blacked out buy tons of fish coming to eat the food. That was all a joy to see and the children loved it. This is definitely something worth doing when you get to Catalina Island.

– Terry Tulak · Google

Had an excellent trip off the long beach to Avalon. Very nice and friendly staff. We designed fast boat trip. Good time is to go at sunrise and sunset so that you can see them in the middle of the pacific ocean. Nice trip

– S.A. Shivram · Google

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