Super Team

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May 3, 1999 - THE AVALON BAY NEWS, "Yellow Submarine, Island Enterprises Inc. Launches its Newest Adventure".

On Monday, May 10 San Pedro Boat Works launched Island Enterprises Inc.' new 49 passenger Semi-submersible, the Nautilus. The celebration began with a buffet lunch along the dockside. Before the boat was launched, it was christened by Ashley Ballas-Stickler with assistance from Dave Howell. A plaque recognizing the Nautilus launching was presented to Jeff Stickler. This state-of-the-art semi-submersible was built by Willard Marine, Inc. of Anaheim, California.

The vessel is 65 feet long, has a beam of 16.5 feet and a 6.3 foot draft. The semi-submersible design has that "yellow submarine" look. The semi-submersible state-of-the-art attraction will also show a underwater program on a large Plasma flat screen with surround sound, 18,000 watts of halogen lamps for night viewing and a unique fish feeding mechanisms. The vessel has 28 large underwater windows for viewing the marine life.

The vessel is expected to arrive in Avalon in 7-10 days. Keep your eyes open for this new Avalon adventure.