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John Deere
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May 13, 2002 - John Deere

13 May 2002

To: Jeff Stickler

Our day together visiting Catalina Island was simply wonderful. There were a couple first's in my life that day. It started with the helicopter ride, that was a most enjoyable and educational experience. Then the whole Catalina Island experience was also a first. It is truly an island paradise. Jeff, you've built a great business serving the tourist industry. A couple things stood out during our review of your vessels. It is apparent from the interaction with a few of your staff that you have instilled the sense of making each tour or boat ride an enjoyable and educational experience for each customer. It was also apparent that you believe in keeping your assets in tip-top condition. From your boats to your office, the sense of quality is evident. I am sure you must get a great deal of repeat business and referrals from satisfied customers....

Just this week we were discussing the content for our annual PowerSource marine edition to be published in the fall. We are seriously considering your business as the cover feature. Christine McClintic, PowerSource editor, has the photos from the photo shoot that you supported earlier this year. She indicated they are simply outstanding.

Yours Truly,

Jim Payton
Regional Sales Manager
John Deere