Super Team

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May 2, 1999 - THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, Sunday Edition "New semi-submersible submarine added to Avalon's sightseeing fleet"

Island Enterprises, Inc. will add a brand new state-of-the-art semi-submersible submarine to its fleet of sightseeing tour boats this month. The 49-passenger custom-built vessel will be the latest addition of tour boats cruising Avalon's marine preserve at Lover's Cove.

The vessel is equipped with 28 large windows, allowing for a 360-degree view of Catalina's underwater world, and 18,000 watts of halogen lamps that will illuminate the sea floor for nighttime touring.

Unique to this vessel is a high-tech plasma flat screen with surround sound that will preview a fun and entertaining program during the boat's journey to Lover's Cove, as well as fish-feeding mechanisms at each window that blast food through the water in torpedo-like fashion.