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March 1, 2001 - The Avalon Bay News "Island Enterprises, Inc. Yellow Submarine Nautilus Assists "Fear Factor" On Location In Avalon." by Norma Beche Carlyon

On Wednesday, February 21, Avalon was the chosen locale for a new television series for NBC. "Fear Factor" will be a weekly reality game show, the first that NBC has been involved with since the many reality shows on air presently.

At 7:00 a.m. at Float #5, at the Cabrillo Mole, Captain Dave Howell was piloting shoreboat IX while Captain Rex Cotter stood by, ready to pilot the Yellow Submarine Nautilus to the destination where this segment of "Fear Factor" was to be shot.

"Fear Factor" is being produced by Endemolusa in conjunction with Evolution Film and Tape. "Fear Factor" originated in Europe; being a Dutch TV Show called "Now or Never".

David A. Hurwitz is the Supervising Producer of this intriguing new reality program. David has worked on the Arsenio Hall Show; Access Hollywood and The Man' Show on Comedy Central, The Executive Producers are Matt Kunitz and Douglas Ross,

The background synopsis for the production is each week six new contestants are chosen from a Nationwide Contestant Search, They are put through various fetes of daring such as being chased by real attack dogs, or to leap from one speeding semi truck to another, and other daring fetes of fear!

The one they shot in Avalon, using the Island Navigation's Yellow Submarine Nautilus was to be underwater, without dive gear, and hold their breath as long as possible, picking up lighted dive sticks from the bottom of the sea. The cameras and crew were in the sub and aboard the Shoreboat IX,

The host of this show is Joe Rigan, who you may know as the engineer on News Radio. Joe Rigan is also a well-known Comic.

"Fear Factor is not a melodramatic epic, it shows what the fear factor in real people can do. The contestants are not pushed to do the stunts, or are they shamed or laughed at. There is a Stunt rigging team along at all times, along with Stunt Expert Perry Barndt, who is a 20 year vet of stunts, a member of AFTRA and a stunt consultant.

All nine episodes will be shot by March 7, 2001, and the one that was shot here was number 7. The prize the winner gets for a week's work is $50,000.

Not a bad amount of change for a week of work. If your Fear Factor is calm.

Keep your eye open for NBC's new show, "Fear Factor"